There were few bands in 80s South Africa that successfully combined fashion, mime and hooky pop rock songs with a fiery onstage performance quite like EllaMental. Formed around the core of singer/chanteuse Heather Mac and ex Baxtop guitarist Tim Parr the band powered up the charts with hit singles like “See Yourself (Clowns)” and ” Pressure”, both taken from their 1984 debut album “Uncomplicated Dreams”. The band were undoubtedly one of the highlights of the legendary Concert in the Park in 1985 where they appeared with the likes of eVoid, Juluka, Brenda Fassie and Hotline. This video of “See Yourself (Clowns)” is taken from our YouTube channel where you can see videos of the likes of Peach, Freedoms Children, Hawk and our new Saturday Night At The Chelsea compilation that features 16 of our finest artists who played at the seminal Chelsea Hotel in Hillbrow. Ellamental –