Wild Youth – A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots


Released for the first time on CD is the long-awaited retrospective of South Africa’s legendary original punk band, Wild Youth. This massive 23 track set includes all of Wild Youth’s late 70`s seminal singles, live and demo tracks plus several songs from the band’s alter ego outfit, The Gay Marines. Wild Youth is prominently featured in the film documentary “Punk in Africa”.


01. All Messed Up
02 Record Companies
03. Wot About Me
04. Radio Youth
05. Action Man (Live)
06. Makeup
07. So Trendy
08. Maximum Speed (Live)
09. Avalanche
10. Take Off
11. Reaction Man
12. My Art Form
13. When I Walk (Live)
14. Iron Vest
15. Forked Tongue
16. Wild Girl
17. Back To You
18. Back To You (Acoustic)
19. Bloodless Souls
20. Record Companies (Demo)
21. So Messed Up (Demo)
22. Blue Light (Dub)

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