Rabbitt – Boys Will Be Boys


Rabbitt`s debut album features the smash hits “Charlie”, “Lifeline” and “Hard ride”. Complete with rare bonus tracks, photos, and liner notes.

Rabbitt was a South African rock band formed in 1972, evolving from a band called The Conglomeration, consisting of members Trevor Rabin, Duncan Faure, Ronnie Robot, and Neil Cloud. Their successes included making it to the top of the South African charts with the hit “Charlie” in 1976. Rabbitt broke up in 1978.


01. Something’s Going Wrong With My Baby
02. Savage
03. Lifeline
04. Locomotive Breath
05. Hard Ride
06. Baby’s Leaving
07. Eventides
08. Looking For The Man
09. Death Of Tulio
10. Charlie
11. Brand new love (Bonus track)
12. Auld Lang Syne (Bonus track)