Rabbitt – A Croak And A Grunt In The Night


A mid-’70s teen rock band that was at the time as big as any pop phenomenon worldwide with smash singles, hit albums, and a delirious, adoring teenage girl fanbase. This is their second album with bonus tracks, loads of photos, and liner notes.

Rabbitt was a South African rock band formed in 1972, evolving from a band called The Conglomeration, consisting of members Trevor Rabin, Duncan Faure, Ronnie Robot, and Neil Cloud. Their successes included making it to the top of the South African charts with the hit “Charlie” in 1976. Rabbitt broke up in 1978.


01. T.C. Rabin In D-Minor
02. I Sleep Alone
03. A Croak & A Grunt In The Night
04. Everybody’s Cheating
05. Sugar Pie
06. Searching
07. Working For The People
08. Pollyman
09. Schumann
10. Hold On To Love
11. Dingleys Bookshop
12. Never Gonna Ruin My Life
13. Tribal Fence
14. Gift Of Love
15. Lonely Loner Two
16. Take It Easy
17. A Love You Song
18. Morning Light