Petit Cheval – Once in a Lifetime


One of the most successful rock bands of the ’80s Petit Cheval was blessed to have great radio-friendly tunes and a frontman to rival any of the UK bands of the same period. This wide-ranging compilation includes all tracks from their debut album “The voice of reason” and their “Perfect Gift” EP. Digitally re-mastered with rare photos and liner notes.

Petit Cheval (French for “little horse”) was a new romantic band from Pretoria, South Africa fronted by Jonathan Selby, the band was often compared to Spandau Ballet and released two singles and two albums before disbanding.


01. Magical Touch
02. Young Lions
03. Once In A Lifetime
04. Dreams Come True
05. It Was The Wind
06. Pray Like A Child
07. Imagination
08. My Bleeding Heart
09. Deep Blue
10. What Took You So Long
11. The Voice Of Reason
12. Round The World
13. Glory, Glory
14. Love Is Knocking At Your Door
15. Seems Like Heaven
16. Fine Time
17. Keep On Running

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