Otis Waygood – Ten Light Claps and a Scream


The Band`s final album before they evolved into a reggae funk group based out of the UK. This album has a very loose jam feel to it and has some non-album singles as bonus tracks plus the usual high-quality retro pics and liner notes.

Otis Waygood was a blues band in the ’60sĀ from Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The original members were Benny Miller, Rob Zipper, Alan Zipper, Leigh Sagar, Angus McLean, and Billy Toon.


01. A Madman’s Cry
02. Straight Ahead
03. I Left My Skull In San Francisco
04. Easy Way
05. The Higher I Go
06. S.h.a.k.
07. Devil Bones
08. You Can Do (Part 1)
09. You Can Do (Part 2)
10. Who’s Your Friend (Bonus Track)