McCully Workshop – Ages


McCully Workshop`s 3rd album again showcases their ability to seamlessly fuse prog rock with pop, jazz-rock, and edgy guitar riffs. Re-mastered with several bonus tracks, liner notes, and photographs.

McCully Workshop is arguably one of South Africa’s finest pop-rock bands. They started way back in the ’60s, dominated the South African airwaves in the ’70s, and continued through the ’80s and ’90s.


01. Avenue
02. 1623
03. You
04. I walked alone
05. Carbon Canyon
06. Blues in C minor
07. Step on easy
08. Guinevere
09. Goodbye lonely blues
10. The Plague
11. In the quiet hours
12. Forgot how to smile
13. Shingles
14. Carnival (Bonus track)
15. Got a good reason (Bonus track)
16. I’m waiting (Bonus track)
17. Inside (Bonus track)
18. Rainbow’s Illusion (Bonus track)
19. Gunpoint (Bonus track)
20. Shamrock (Bonus track)