Lesley Rae Dowling – Lesley Rae Dowling / Unravished Brides


Lesley Rae Dowling was discovered in Stellenbosch in 1980 by artist manager Paddy Lee Thorpe. She released her first single (The Spaniard / Grips of Emotion) and album (Lesley Rae Dowling) in 1981. Many of her albums have been produced and co-written (and accompanied) by Tully McCully. Her music has won many South African music awards, including various Sarie (South African Recording Industry) awards, several SAMA awards, 3M Scotty awards, and an FNB SAMA award.

Lesley Rae`s first 2 albums are on one CD. 23 songs in all.


01. The Spaniard
02. Grips of emotion
03. The Raven
04. Somethin` goin` on
05. You
06. Young Lochinvar
07. Mama`s leaving
08. Oh,my love
09. Morocco
10. Lady
11. Sophistication
12. Unravished brides
13. Dry eyed blues
14. Scented Syringa
15. Passions of the night
16. All is one
17. Fallen angel
18. I`m a woman
19. My friend
20. Critics
21. The fair
22. Superman (of real estate)
23. Everyman