Hawk – Live And Well


The band`s swansong is a compilation of songs readied for their third album plus various nonalbum singles. The sound has reverted back to the heavy afro rock influences that were so evident on the debut album, many of the songs were written by Ramsay MacKay. Comes complete with bonus tracks, period photos, and the band`s version of the demise of Hawk.

Hawk was pioneering, fusing rock, folk, and pop with an African beat. Various incarnations flowed through the band while releasing three albums during the early ’70s. Another diamond for South Africa’s contribution to the bible of Rock, prog-folk Hawk paved new paths for many to follow.


01. Kea Tseba Mokeago
02. Slowly Towards The North (Suite)
03. Mumbo Jumbo
04. Hunter
05. Bona Bakweta (The Mountain Of Manhood)
06. Mbalele
07. In My Youth
08. Predictions (Bonus Track)
09. My Spear (Bonus Track)
10. The Return (Bonus Track)
11. White Bird Of Peace (Bonus Track)
12. Tula Waname (Bonus Track)