Hawk – African Day


“It’s dark and still in the chief’s village protected by the mountains of the great southern regions of Africa”… so began the greatest Afro-rock epic concept album ever made. Hawk’s debut album is music that legends are made of with its fusion of acoustic music with African rhythms. This reissue includes the 17-minute title track as well as “Kissed by the Sun”, their evocative version of “Here comes the Sun” and also bonus live tracks from 1971 plus the usual rare photos and in-depth liner notes.

Hawk was pioneering, fusing rock, folk, and pop with an African beat. Various incarnations flowed through the band while releasing three albums during the early ’70s. Another diamond for South Africa’s contribution to the bible of Rock, prog-folk Hawk paved new paths for many to follow.


01. African Day Suite
02. Happy Man
03. Look up Brother
05. Love Song
06. Kissed by the Sun
07. Here comes the Sun (Bonus Track)
08. African Rondo (Bonus Track)
09. The Hunt (Bonus Track)
10. Look up Brother (live) (Bonus Track)

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