Hawk – Africa She Too Can Cry


Hawk’s second album and the first to feature the new lineup which included Julian Laxton (Freedoms Children) and Les Goode (A Cads) among others. This reissue included an updated version of the “African Day” suite from the first album as well as a song penned by Freedoms Children’s majordomo, Ramsay Mackay. Although the African rock roots are still intact there is a harder edge to the sound mainly due to the guitar interplay between Laxton and Mark Kahn. The original album’s tracks, re-mastered, are from the UK version of the album, released by Charisma Records ( the SA version had a different tracklisting). There are bonus tracks galore, rare pics from the UK tour, and extensive liner notes.

Hawk was pioneering, fusing rock, folk, and pop with an African beat. Various incarnations flowed through the band while releasing three albums during the early ’70s. Another diamond for South Africa’s contribution to the bible of Rock, prog-folk Hawk paved new paths for many to follow.


01. Uvuyo
02. Elegy For Eden
03. The Rolling Of The Bones
04. Dark Side Of The Moon
05. War Talk
06. Africa
07. African Sun
08. This Elephant Must Die
09. Beaters
10. Hunt
11. The Elephant Is Dead
12. Nglovu Ephélé
13. Yebo Mama
14. Sunset
15. Orang Outang (Bonus Track)
16. Kalahari Dry (Bonus Track)
17. Mumbo Jumbo (Bonus Track)
18. Hunter (Bonus Track)
19. In My Youth (Bonus Track)