Falling Mirror – Zen Boulders / Storming of the Loft


Falling Mirror`s first 2 albums are on this one CD with rare photos and an in-depth essay on the band. Falling Mirror was an alternative rock band from Cape Town, South Africa founded in 1978 by cousins Allan Faull and Nielen Marais. One of the most inventive, complex, and unpredictable rock bands to emerge from South Africa with songs about alienation, madness, psychotic cartoon characters, and murderous grannies!


01. Time (is A Thief)
02. I Am The Actor
03. Makin` Out With Granny
04. Dreamer (We Shall Be Free)
05. When The Lights Went Off In New York City
06. The San Diego Sniping Event
07. Archie And Juggie Went Down To The Store
08. What Are We Here For?
09. Wish She Could Leave
10. Boy & Girl… Alone On The Throne
11. Highway Blues
12. The Storming Of The Loft
13. Neutron Bop
14. Who`s That Noisy Boy Who Never Says A Word?
15. I Wish I Was A Purple Door
16. We Build A Big Fire
17. If I Was James Dean
18. Toyland
19. You Think You`re So Great
20. Why The Envy Miss Glitter?