Falling Mirror – Johnny calls the Chemist


Never available before on CD “Johnny Calls The Chemist” is perhaps Falling Mirror’s finest work… brooding, dark, and slightly unhinged lyrical imagery fused with some of the most searing rock guitars on this side of the universe. A story of unrequited, obsessive love featuring songs of madness and alienation not to be listened to in the dark, alone! Includes the classic title track plus an unreleased track, two in-studio demos, and for Mirror fanatics… the rare “Johnny…” video clip as an enhanced feature.

Falling Mirror was an alternative rock band from Cape Town, South Africa founded in 1978 by cousins Allan Faull and Nielen Marais. One of the most inventive, complex, and unpredictable rock bands to emerge from South Africa with songs about alienation, madness, psychotic cartoon characters, and murderous grannies!


01. Automaton Town
02. Girl At The Till
03. As Sly As A Fox
04. Johnny Calls The Chemist
05. Chemist Girl
06. Encounter In A Takeaway Shop
07. Making Out With Granny
08. For A Woman So Opposed
09. I Fought For My Friend
10. The Ghost Of Collette
11. Conclusion
12. Prissy Girl (Bonus track)
13. Cat And Mouse (Bonus track)
Plus Bonus Multi-Media Video