Falling Mirror – Hystorical (Best Of)


Falling Mirror was an alternative rock band from Cape Town, South Africa founded in 1978 by cousins Allan Faull and Nielen Marais. One of the most inventive, complex, and unpredictable rock bands to emerge from South Africa with songs about alienation, madness, psychotic cartoon characters, and murderous grannies! This compilation gathers together gems from their four albums plus additional unreleased material as bonus tracks.


01. Time Is A Thief
02. Highway Blues
03. Storming Of The Loft
04. If I Was James Dean
05. Crippled Messiah
06. Revolver Wolf
07. Johnny Calls The Chemist
08. Wish She Could Leave
09. Then It Turns Around
10. Ordinary Suburban Girl
11. Apartment Block Shock
12. We Build A Big Fire
13. Automaton Town
14. Theme Of A Dream