Face To Face


1980`s South African teen pop idols whose “Here We Are” and “Night Of The Long Knives” remain staples of classic pop radio. This compilation partners all the tracks from their sole album with songs destined for their uncompleted sophomore album and included here as bonus tracks. Re-mastered with loads of photos and liner notes.


01. Night Of The Long Knives
02. Girl Of Mine
03. Here We Are
04. Eyes Can Tell
05. With Your Love
06. Burning Up
07. Feeling So Good
08. Night Is Young
09. I (The Gift Of The Gibe)
10. Lost Without Your Love
11. Last Flame
12. Call M (Bonus Track)
13. Sad But True (Bonus Track)
14. This Time (Bonus Track)
15. Voices (Bonus Track)
16. Women In Love (Bonus Track)
17. Hearts Alive (Bonus Track)
18. London Calling (Bonus Track)
19. Too Young (Bonus Track)