Dog Detachment – Best Kept Secrets


A comprehensive compilation of one of South Africa`s most renowned post-punk/alternative pop band`s body of work- 16 tracks drawn from their three amazing albums “The last laugh”; “Fathoms of fire” and Barriers” plus a handful of single-only releases and bonus mp3s. Re-mastered with liner notes and rare pics.


01. Secrets
02. White Flag
03. Touch The Sky
04. Waiting (For A Miracle)
05. The Last Laugh
06. Barriers
07. Heartwheels & Mindmills
08. Subhuman
09. Black Hole
10. Blind Mice
11. Straightjacket
12. Young Days
13. Memories Of The Future
14. Envoy From Planet III
15. Third World War
16. Love Will Come

Enhanced CD (MP3s):
17. Machines
18. Battle’s Cry
19. War March Of The Priests
20. Civilised Zombie
21. What Spring Might Bring
22. It Never Rains
23. Monochrome Man
24. Moonrocker