David Aldo – The Times


With a combination of strong hooky songs, strikingly emotive voice, and powerful performances, David Aldo’s debut album ‘The Times’ sets him well apart from most singer-songwriters in the global market. From the acoustic pop meets hip-hop groove of “What a fine day”, through the hauntingly gentle “Could’ve been” and the fragile “Someday”, to the upbeat chart bound rock anthem “Someone’s kissing” the album is a timely reminder that there is still beautiful music in a world of noise.


01. What A Fine Day featuring Big Yank
02. Someone’s Kissing
03. Could’ve Been
04. Satisfied
05. Time
06. Johannesburg
07. Someday
08. Judgement day
09. I’ll Be There
10. Freedom
11. Life Is Calling
12. Miracle